NX One

Situated strategically at Kisan Chowk, alongside the metro station, NX One Mall epitomises the definition of a landmark development. NX One Mall is the first planned township in Noida Ext. to house; commercial, retail and residential blocks. The location of NX-One Mall is especially key due to its accessibility points from major city centers such as Noida, Ghaziabad and New Delhi. The entrance and extensive facade of the retail building faces unobstructed views and over 130mtr wide roads; making the mall an on-route junction for all major transportation! As part of the planned and smart city movement NX One Mall has multiple housing localities and numerous commercial offices within a five mile radius; making it a prime catchment for all the products and services offered within the Mall.

Welcome to NX One Mall – with ease of accessibility via the metro, bus routes and wide open roads; NX One Mall is one of Noida’s most well connect center point landmarks. Once in this spacious retail block one enjoys various services and amenities; like multilevel car parks, concierge services and senior citizen assistance. This gigantic mall offers four floors of uninterrupted shopping options, entertainment, food options and recreation. We welcome you to come into the world we call NX One Mall. Once inside this breathtaking mall, the grandeur of NX One comes alive, through its glass roof, metal trimmings and scaling green landscaping. As you walk through the corridors it becomes evident on how these elements work together, seamlessly.

Till the eye can see: the almost rectangular structure of the NX One Mall, enables people to see from one end of the atrium to the other. This is not only because of its shape but also because of its design. The mall has no roof baring pillars therefore keeping the views sharp and free. The roof at the NX One Mall is especially unique to its design; not only is it an open, glass roof but it also allows for fresh air to travel through the entire mall, without external, unwanted elements coming through it. With special mechanized machinery, the air is filtered, cooled and circulated through every inch of the mall. It is important to note, that NX One is one of India’s few Platinum rates buildings for its use of eco-friendly: functionality, design, and materials. What shopping is complete without a trip to your favorite restaurant, eatery or coffee halt? At NX One Mall, we make this experience unique and independent. A sunken food row has been created on both outward facing landscapes. We have speciality restaurants, fast food chains and cafes all lined up strategically at NX One, giving shoppers plenty of space to sit back and relax. This are gives diners the option of being outside and inside – no matter the season or mood they find themselves in!